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Cramp and unassuming is the door The door of life which is void of flaw The sower runs uncontrollable and brings love to the immediate It is open to those that eat and drink on its table Ridiculous to know a stranger would take it away without knocking The door of life is like a … Read moreDOOR


She imitates an object The mirror of law The law of progress The mirror that speaks truth Dear mirror, why do you imitate the exact image of a thing? Why can’t you transform to a better image? Mirror replied I cannot change anyone or anything It’s you or thing that will change And the change … Read moreMIRROR


Taking the road of FaithEncounter the fruits of wisdom and foolishnessI must take oneWisdom chose meThere are obstaclesThere are challengesIts rigorousThere is hungerThere is thirstBut there is hopeThe road of uncertaintyAt the end, there is victory


Music unifies mindsIt draws people like Honey draws fliesIt’s tenderIt’s emotionalIt’s creates new livingIt wins warIt creates imaginationIt provides shelterIt talks past, present, and futureIt connects peopleIt oils dreamsIt unites NationsAnd creates miracle and freedomMusic is the wine which nourishes the mind and gives longevity to the listener.