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Baton Of Leadership

In every relay raceThere are four men teamThere is hierarchy of LeadershipIt is a success journey The first man expresses his strengthThe second man expresses his strengthThe third man expresses his strengthThe fourth man resiliently express superior strength Howbeit in AfricaThe strongest is the first racerThe weakest is the fourth racer This is the retrogression … Read moreBaton Of Leadership

The Feasibility Of Democracy In Nigeria

The demo is corruptThe practice is hackedYoung men spend their time in barOld people die with the money Election is cabalisedElectorate are bought with stipendThe results are writtenHighest bidder is declared Time will tellIf the young men would take responsibilityTime will tellIf the old would realize money can not buy death Till thenWe will endure … Read moreThe Feasibility Of Democracy In Nigeria

New Government

We are the product of good leadershipBecause we planned for goodWe are the product of bad leadershipBecause we planned for a disaster In Africa,We economize political valueWe politicize economic needWe divide and rule for selfish gain Corruption is an institutionPoverty is an institutionTerrorism has been institutionalizedWe are institutionalizing disease The era will vanish soonCorruption will … Read moreNew Government

The Crutches

In Africa,We lives with crutches. The continent liveswith crutches. Countries liveswith crutches. Industries liveswith crutches. People liveswith crutches. How long will you livewith crutches? Africa! Even the crutches of crutchesneed crutches to live. Be yourself Africa.