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The Liberal

He gave the gift.I gave an appreciation.He said “never mind”. I gave the gift.He gave a gift.I received it. Which virtue described me? Virtue is in nature.It doesn’t change.Just like night and day.

The Broken State

Day after day we work for our survival.Night after night we eat the remnants.Instead of water rolling down the cheek.Blood came out with stones coated. Though, the lion king was remorseful.But didn’t change the act of evil.The evil that men do that live after them. Nigeria’ our Father land.Where traditional kings dances in the night … Read moreThe Broken State

The Patriot

The eagle renews her strength of loyalty by flying high. The lion expresses her strength of leadership by taking dominion of the environment. The duck mother take others and move together with courage to the future. The west created their visioned future. Africa sees strength in poverty. Nigeria abode in conflict and corruption. Thus, patriotism … Read moreThe Patriot

Unveiling The Hidden part 2

Nothing is hidden.Though we haven’t seen it yet.But the darkness of the heart hid the light from illuminating.Darkness that covers love.Darkness that covers possibility.Darkness that darkened the reality of thing. it shines on.America got hers.Asia got hers.Oceania saw light.Why is light yet to shine in Africa?The light of development.The light of civilization.The light of true … Read moreUnveiling The Hidden part 2

MaMa Africa

Where is the river Gihon?Where is the gold of Ethiopia,That compass round Africa? Though, we were valued at gold.We were once a river that water desert.We were the food basket of the world. Now, we have become a vassal state.We now beg for what we have.Who has done this to us?Why do we see black … Read moreMaMa Africa

The Herdsmen

Our Father of many nationsWho rear the greatest breed in the wilderness with stick.He cared for her family.He is the generation of now.That stretches gun like stick to the waters.Whose hand is full of daggers and cutlasses.Now, here are the monster we made.They terrorize our neighborhood in the day light.They kills their own brother in … Read moreThe Herdsmen