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At Fatai's Library, we use words to create and unfold meaning for individual's life.

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The Hour

In the early hour of tomorrow.We shall come to the table of discuss.To say what our minds have planned.Either to be together or to asunder. Rice is measure with gold.Beans is another silver. Twitter is banned so we don’t know the price of fish.Facebook is allowed so that my neighbour keep posting fake pictures of … Read moreThe Hour


Every second it dot.Just as the day and night never end.It begins in the East and set in the west It set our lives to her order.Time ended in an individual lifetime. Time tells our story.Time tell our past.Time creates the future. It keep existing.Even when we are gone.Thus, Time’ is our undoing.


When we needed yam.We knocked at their door.When we wanted to plant.We knocked at their door.When we wanted to harvest.We knocked at their door.When we wanted to pound.We knocked at their door.When we wanted to eat.We knocked at their door.When we were thirsty.We still asked them for water.Africa!The big brother beggar.

House On Fire

The house which we built.It was built with bamboo sticksCrafted in and out with rainbow like stripes. Beautiful ‘ as they called it.Our people dwell in peaceful without tribal difference.It was like a house of spider where security is their watchword. Suddenly, the house which our fathers built has become a jungle.Where tribes and religions … Read moreHouse On Fire


At independence, we erected the mountain of ethnicity.Which gave birth to our religious divide. We sojourns from the warless merger to the conflicting stool.Our story of endless beginning.Our untold story. Where the guide kills the conformers.Where poverty is the barge of identity.Where cows are valued more than rearers. In the coming age,Nigeria nations shall be … Read moreFALLEN

The Israelites

They wandered east to west and south to north.Looking for an abode replication of heaven.Their cattles and camel straying along the wilderness of gaza.Conquering all odds.With divinity at their side.Ready to war against their enemies.Though, their herdsmen were changed to tech men.To subdue nations of the foreign language.In order to nest in the mountain of … Read moreThe Israelites

The Liberal

He gave the gift.I gave an appreciation.He said “never mind”. I gave the gift.He gave a gift.I received it. Which virtue described me? Virtue is in nature.It doesn’t change.Just like night and day.

The Broken State

Day after day we work for our survival.Night after night we eat the remnants.Instead of water rolling down the cheek.Blood came out with stones coated. Though, the lion king was remorseful.But didn’t change the act of evil.The evil that men do that live after them. Nigeria’ our Father land.Where traditional kings dances in the night … Read moreThe Broken State