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Africa wake up

She copy and paste her democracyShe copy and paste her FederalismShe copy and paste her lifestyleShe finally copy and paste ‘lockdown’ They ease we easeThey use nose mask we use face maskThey stay at home we stay in our holesThey give stipend we give nothing They open economy we open for corruptionThey kill black people … Read moreAfrica wake up

The Jungle

Some say we are in a jungleAnother say we are in a zooAsk the lionLook for the rat The lion of the SaharaWho dare question herShe roam the jungleAnd hid rat in her cupboard She walk majesticallyWho dare question herShe kill her own son for dinnerWho dare question her The king of the jungleThe lion … Read moreThe Jungle

Hill of Courage

By Oloyi Kehinde Thompson Let the wailer wailLet the disgruntled mumbleLet the bitten cryLet the resentful groan But the brave don’t cryThe wise don’t pretendA fighter is a victorLife is the arena Challenges are spectatorsA true victor ignoreGrittily gaze the goalGlory is the prize Valour is the virtueWisdom is the weaponEndurance is the strengthSuccess is … Read moreHill of Courage

House of Fate

As melodious as sound of a mosquitoShe breeze in our hut yesterday morningShe invited her neighbour in the nightIn an hour of decision How generous is this insectHow great is her handworkShe eat her neighbour’s shoe without remorseShe expect to feed and relax But, one dayThe neighbour remind her of how she lookShe look like … Read moreHouse of Fate

Hello World

There is a worldWorld of our ownWorld of humanWorld of colourAn imagine world. Same lifeSame deathSame sufferingSame happiness. The Black skin think evilThe White skin think evilBoth men think good though!We imagine, create, and build. Now, we Segregate by colourBy classBy traditionBy law. Who has done this to us?Who has taken our humane?This is our … Read moreHello World


Oh.., i imagine myselfIn the sky flying kite.The ornament of sightThe beautification of lightIn black and white. The colour of my birthThough I bath with soap,It won’t remove my identity. Thus,We imagine ourselves in colourWe divide by colourWe mix colour to imagine colourWe were confused of colour But remember,Good is goodThe heart is colourlessLife and … Read moreColour!