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Justice For John

John on the run.
eyes on the wall.
The gecko in silent.
Waiting for life after death.

Bluntness leave me apart.
The south was accused of wailing.
The east was accused of yelling.
The gecko is silent.
Because she enjoys the sweetness of the day.

Howbeit we are not bed of the same feather.
We would fly to the far sky on the moon mountain.
We would swim the ocean like the whale.
We would eat the good meat like lion in the forest.

It is a nightmare for John.
The gecko is silent .
She enjoys the wailing and yelling of his brothers.
That justice may die a natural death.

Now the gecko has been doing evil.
Keeping silence in war.
Breaking walls.
Creeping into all territories.
And subdues the nations before him.
That the nightmare of John may last long.

At the new dawn of a dew day.
Though John woke up.
Finding out it was a nightmare.

It’s now a dream.
At last, dream prevail.
The ordeal is over.
John is free.
Life is good.
Justice for John.