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Song Of Hope

When I remembered my childhood.
I remember the bicycle wheel that brought us together.
I see joy and love 💕 on the bridge of hope.
Though, in the wilderness of unknown

Purpose was obscured.
Opportunity was in awol.
Light was darkened
Shadow was black

And then, I remembered my childhood.
When we planted yam head in the backyard close to our pit latrine.
We couldn’t wait for it to sprout.
We couldn’t wait for sun to rise.
We couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

The purpose was defeated
The opportunity to plan and plant for tomorrow was gone.
Light was darkened.
Shadow was black.

Now we have seen a new light.
The sun 🌞 is rising.
Africa is becoming man.
Our hope for Africa still stand.
Our story of endless hope.
It shall lighten the earth.
With bloom of grooming tomorrow.

Night after night.
Day after day.
A new song of hope is calling.
That the labor of our hero’s past may not be in vain.

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