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The Africa Sun

Generations have waited for this time to come.
The flowers have thirsted for the sun to rise.
The young Africans have grown up to be men.

Men that hunt rats for dinner.
Men that pluck leave for rituals.
Men whose lives endanger others.

We are the generation of the sunrise.
We don’t know when it will set.

To give the flowers blossom beginning.
To lead Africans out of the wilderness.

Like the rainbow 🌈 in the sky.
Like the lines of rainfall.
Like the tributaries of a River.

Though lives have been lost in this war.
Casualties have been recorded.

Time have had accident.
Darkness have had it way.

Days are calling for justice.
Months are seeking review.
Years have been corrupted.

We are now waking up to our New reality.
To see new generation of African standing on the tomb of Mandela.
Calling for the freedom we never had.

Africa shall rise to stardom when the sun begin to set.
We shall see white and call it white.
We shall see black and call it black.
We shall hold hands together matching to our great light.
We will be one Africa one people.

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