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The Secured Place

Some animals stays on water.
Some stays in waters.
Some stays on air.
Some stays in air.
Some stays on earth.
Some stays in earth.

Some drinks the water.
Some inhale the air.
Some eat the earth.
Some transform the earth.

Some lives in the south.
Some lives in the north.
Some lives in the east.
Some lives in the west.

Some have soldiers.
Some have maids.
Some have Cooks.
Some have Gardners.

Some are kings.
Some are Lords.
Some are gods.
Some are fathers.

Some are inventors.
Some are Makers.
Some are creators.
Some are producers.

Some are pastors.
Some are prophets.
Some are diviners.
Some are seers.

Some tell the past.
Some know tomorrow.
Some lives today.
Some are dead.

Some are white.
Some are brown.
Some are black.
Some are pink.

In the animal kingdom.
The hiarachy depicts order.
The order of wealth.
The order of influence.
The order of security.

Thus, just like the animal kingdom.
Find and choose a place, secure your future.

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