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They say,
We are people of strange language.
Strange culture.
Strange color.

They say we don’t have beginning.
But we have story.
They say we don’t know the way to go.
But we had past that tells how to Walk in the future.

Our past is our story.
The story of the kings.
The story of slave trade.
The story of colonialization.

Where we were slaughtered.
We heard a voice from above.
That the time to go and prosper has come.

Time when the flowers blossom.
Time when a child grow to be man.
Time when African discovered their land.

We are African.
We are Black colour.
We are the beginning of mankind.

Though we can be stained by the white.
We can be use as dirt.
We can be thrown out of the blue.
We can become red.
Signifying danger to others.
But we are peace loving.
We love parties.
We love pleasures.
We love ourselves more than our neighbors.

That’s why we are selfish.
That’s why we are backwards.
This is the reason we’re underdeveloped.
Our unending story.
Our stories goes on…