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The Oil Well

The well of riches and honour
My father bailed; it didn’t dry
My neighbours are thirsty; it heals their wound

The oil of the Savannah
It sleep in the Sahara
And flows in the Delta

It gives us honour to sit with the king
But it also brings war to the immediate
War of conscience
War of identity
War in the community

The Wells are many
But the oil is scarce
The oil that flows like water
The oil that stretches out like river

She’s crying for her place
Because she’s homeless
The oil that procure weapons for the ant Lion
Weapon to kill our neighbours
Weapon to terrorize our people
Weapon to destroy our history

Though, our history is truncated fairytale
The white man is the first to discover River niger
The black man is the devil
This is our war of identity
Until the oil well is mined for us
We will keep living in illusion

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