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Covid 19: Song of Victory

In the good days
We close our eyes in the evening
To see the dawn of beautiful morning
To see dew fallen
Flowers blossom

Plants sprouting
To talk to the beautiful daughters of men
To walk on the isle of sky
To create a custom future

We look at the blue sky with smile
On the mountain of success
Gaze at the ocean waves
Seen seasons unfolding realities

Suddenly, darkness came on us
We couldn’t wake up in a morning
We were blazed on ice surface in the night
Even the cold could not quench the heat of death

Oh.. she roamed the earth
She took away the son of the soil
The soil could not swallow it sting
The water could not stop it hunger

Now, we have seen her end
We have defeated death
Disease has vanished
Poverty has disappeared
We can now sing song of victory

We can see dew falling
Flowers blossoms
Plants sprouting
As we watch our daughters glow like moon
Song of victory should be echo

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