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If I Were God

I will live in splendour
In the ocean and
on the wings of the air.
I will ride on the
isle of the moon.
I will build masion
on the ice surface
in the East of the sunset.

If I were God
I won’t search for connection
on LinkedIn.
I won’t search for
friends on Facebook.
I won’t see controversial trump tweet

No Google no search engine
No computers no machine
No work no stress
No Gucci no prada
No Dubai no Waikiki

No friend no enemy
No sickness no death
No language no barrier
No color no racist
No economy no WTO
No boundary no Nigeria
If I were God

But I am human
I need connections
I need friends
I need money
I need God to be god
I need you
Because you matter

21 thoughts on “If I Were God

  1. This is very good and I enjoyed reading it. I also feel your cover photo of the clouds fit perfectly as I see two images of faces on the left (Women) and a man head laying back face looking up on the right.
    *im a cloud watcher so I have that imagination*

    Good work!!!

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