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Oh.., i imagine myself
In the sky flying kite.
The ornament of sight
The beautification of light
In black and white.

The colour of my birth
Though I bath with soap,
It won’t remove my identity.

We imagine ourselves in colour
We divide by colour
We mix colour to imagine colour
We were confused of colour

But remember,
Good is good
The heart is colourless
Life and love are not colour.

2 thoughts on “Colour!

  1. The idea of true black in additive light is that of no light waves. In subtraction of color it is that no light is reflected from a surface to the eye. The idea of white in additive color is the composite of all light waves in total create white and in subtractive color all the light waves are reflected to the eye from the object seen. In reality our eyes never can see absolute white or absolute black. So no human can really be seen as black or white. All humans are individual and thus your statement that the heart is colorless is correct. Every person is different so there is no way to compare two people together and say x=y because they are the same color. That cannot exist. In addition the environment light at any time will always change the “color” of any person all the time because of the variables of additive light hitting them from different directions.

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