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Prayers of Contradiction

By Oloyi Kehinde Thompson

Our prayers of many contradictions
In a clapped hand on a bent knee
prayers offered in solemn serenity to the sublime being above the sky.
Requests and demands pouring in from weary minds
And sometimes appreciation from enlightened mind.

In the many requests:
Some ask for rain while the other ask for snow,
Some wish for death while many yearn for life,
The lawyer need a case but not without crime,
The doctor need a patient but not without sickness,
The cobbler need customer not without cut-sandal,
The undertaker need a funeral but not without burial,
Our many needs lurk in bad luck and misfortune,
All we brought forth and pour on the pew
With an expectation of gratification
The supreme can’t be me
I am already in dilemma.

Face to face with the puzzle
I ask you to join me unravel this puzzle
You are not alone
Maybe good and bad are good and bad anyway.

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