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Solitude is darkWhen in itThe heart think out of the bodyAttitude is defined The thought of gratitude or ingratitude surfaceWhat determines the choosesIs the situation we found in ourselves Though! Gratitude healsIt gives long livingIt purify the heartIt purges uncertaintyGratitude engineers developmentBe grateful in all things

Napoleon vs Snowball

They gave chickens pepperTo do what?Tomatoes were given to rabbitsTo do what?Grains was shared with mammothTo do what? These are ingredients for dinnerDinner with the kingDinner with the QueenDinner with the beautiful maidens in the King’s court But the people objected their clarion callThey put themselves togetherThey decided their fateThe people’s will prevailed Edo was … Read moreNapoleon vs Snowball


The beauty of skySlide like rocketSubdue mountainsThe trees are indispensable neighbours She enjoys fresh air in and outLike the eagle in the far sky; she fly in an autopilotIn her subtle endeavor she’s the beauty to beholdBeautify with colour and courage When she burst she disappearLike the air we couldn’t seeLike a broken wall that … Read moreBUBBLES

Our Virtue

The eagle hatch eggsOstrich hatchDuck hatchHen hatch It is not the colour that mattersIt is the climate that change matterIt is not the language that mattersIt is the virtue in language that give value to matter The continent doesn’t matterThe country doesn’t matterThe colour doesn’t matterWhat matter is we all hatch

The Drum Of Justice

If the leather is firmThe drum will soundIf it’s toreThe drum will struggle to speak If she stand for the lawJustice is certainIf the law stand in for herJustice is challenged Thus, take responsibilityBe firm and stand for the truthLies lie in destructionLet the drum of truth sound