> July 2020 – Fatai’s Library

The Raining Day

It will be a sunny dayAs time ticks in orderFlowers would blossomAfricans would be godsAnimals would be subjectInsects would run errands Computer would answer to the blacksTechnology would be cheap as okroBlack would be naturalAfrica would be enviedLove would inhabit the communityPresidents would be the servantPeople would ruleThe society would be our watchword There will … Read moreThe Raining Day

Free the Unfree

It rained in the desertBut thundered in the forestThe rain of hopeThe rain of liberty We heard it thunderWe saw it workWe renew our hope of tomorrowBecause we are the future Though, our society of unfreedomPolitically unfreeEconomically unfreeSociologically unfreeMentally unfreeWhen shall we be free? Freedom is coming tomorrowTomorrow, our night shall be bright as noonThe … Read moreFree the Unfree

The Zoo

In Nigeria, we dreamtWe don’t want to Wake upIn Nigeria, we had nightmaresWe don’t want to sleep The Ibos sees Nigeria as a zooThey are tired of being cagedThe Yorubas plays political footballThey are tired of godfathersThe Hausas endures almajiriThe cabals have no rivalry I think we must go back to sleepBecause the dream is … Read moreThe Zoo

The Depth

As large as the ocean She doesn’t know her depthAs big as the earthShe couldn’t phantom her size But man could imagine herselfWe could imagine our depthWe could size up our lifeThus, as little as we are,We are more than the earth that house us.

The Informed

Information is a spiritThe spirit Flies in the airIt become something whenwe discover it’s a thing.That something is our success How ignorant we are whenwe cannot discern information of success!Life get tougher becausethe secret of success is hiddenin the information. Thus, sometimes our egodeafen us not to hearsuccess whispering.