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We are productivewhen we are disruptive. The tower of Babel was scatteredto create many towersand cities around the world. Their language was confusedto create many languages all over. The ocean vomit waterand flow in abundance. Volcanos erupt andcreate abundance earth. How productive the nature are! The nature is productivebecause something trigger her. Today, something must … Read moreProductivity

If I Were God

I will live in splendourIn the ocean andon the wings of the air.I will ride on theisle of the moon.I will build masionon the ice surfacein the East of the sunset. If I were GodI won’t search for connectionon LinkedIn.I won’t search forfriends on Facebook.I won’t see controversial trump tweet No Google no search engineNo … Read moreIf I Were God

The Innovator

When the heart seeThe eye thinkHand makeThings are made But why is the eyehidden in the heart?Why is the handexpose to the sun? Substance hidden are preciousLike gold like silverSubstance expose to heat are refinedLike gold like silver Thus,Let your handworkreveal by hardwork.Be creativeBe innovative