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A Lost Compass

By Oloyi Kehinde Thompson Come let us reasonLike brothers let us have this jaw-jawLet us together gather under the unifying force of benign friendshipLet us roar this unsung melancholy of the bereaved mind.Let the mind of men be open for queriesQueries to find reasonable restitute to the plight of men. I woke up in my … Read moreA Lost Compass

The New Era

By Oloyi Kehinde Thompson The new age has ushered in a new cultureGlobalisation’ in it matrimonial ritual has wedded us in cosmic enclave.In solemn conjugation distinct entities are coalesced.The many hills that set us apart are unfit impediment. Our world is now micro in macroLike a village in cluster settingCommunication flow like river, right there … Read moreThe New Era

The Answer

Like a dream the politics of man skipped like ram The economy of aliens was driven back O thou politics, that thou skip? Thou economy, that thou driven back? We have asked We have researched We found nothing But we have found everything Darkness hid the sun in the night Sun reveals the truth in … Read moreThe Answer