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Territory is not their problem.Politics is not their issue. Language is their divide.Religion is their blockage. The North produces their need.The South produces their want. The north need south want,While the south want North need. Thus, the economy develop when North exchange the surplus part of their produce to the produce of the south.

Our Nation

Our nation of many children.Our nation of many languages.Our nation of many problems.Our nation of many nations. We got married without our consent.We consented without our knowledge.We knew our problems without thinking of solution.We thought of solution when we were in trouble. Thus, wake up Nigeria.You have been cycling this place for long.Stand up and … Read moreOur Nation


When ocean whirl.It send signal of act.To the adjoining land.That establish thoughts.That thought is the thought of man.To build wall.To create class.And to maintain conflict.Conflict between the classes.That the toll gate of shame may be erected.Where money is valued more than lives.Where lives are sacrifice.Where vampires nested.Though we created them.We gave them power.We voted for … Read moreTHE TOLL GATE


Moon shineth in the night cos of beliefSun brightens the day cos of beliefAnimals roams the bush cos of beliefFish swims the ocean cos of beliefThey believe the law without a heart to thinkTherefore, human should learn to belief her purposeIt is the power we have over others.