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George Washington HaleAbraham Lincoln coughThe nation was birthedNow, the patriarch children gathered like stars.Each star shine without hindranceHer science is a modelHer politics is a modelShe rules her own worldThat thou shalt become the father of many nations.The Nations inside a nationThat no man will be more powerful than the nation.Though the natural man want … Read moreAMERICA

The Key Of Victory

We had the keyBefore we went to swim the oceanThe key of the ocean of perditionWhere we could learn our lessonWhere death is the only optionThough we could survive it we could survive any disasterWhen our hearts are joined in faithLife could be tougherBut we shall defeat our imaginationAnd make our victory a reality


When the creator created his firstHe created light from darknessSuddenly it became night and dayEventually it turned to morning and evening Time appeared in the processMan was at the center of timeWe took the baton of creationWe create with timeWe also kill through time We are what we doWe look like what we paintWe predict … Read moreABOUT US