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In Africa,We costume our customWe paint our traditionWe create the bondThe bond of superstitionTo limit our limit Though, her evil forest are gold loggedHer yemoja rivers are crude oil depositedHer prayer mountains are quarry homeHer crude mind is open to transformationWhere her future will fixture Let’s transform AfricaLet African Africa fly again without witchcraftAnd the … Read moreTHE TRADITIONALIST


When I marriedCustom speakWhen I was bornCreed speakWhen I became consciousPrecedent speak Now, it’s passing away Thus,Vision is the new eyeFaith is the new lawService is the new power Civilization is like waterIt’s beautiful when it flowsWater create River, waves, and waterfall.


This year opens a new leaveLeave in the bookThe Book of lifeWhere names are writtenNames of victorsNames of overcomersAnd names of patriots. As we look aheadAhead above our headsTo see what this year would offerTo begin a new journey of fateIn order to be the victor we are today.


His birth birthed the new worldWorld from the old world of WarcraftThe old world of witchcraftThe old world of sincraft He came we sawHe conquered we wonWon the battle against the unseenWon against evil He is JesusThe I am that I amThe only wayWay to our MakerMerry Christmas dear earth and heaven


Insecurity is darkPoverty is darkArbitrary power is darkThe people are BlackAfrica is in darkness Let’s unlock this cage of darknessWhere Nigeria livesWhere Sudan inhabitsWhere Pharaoh was buried Thus, exhume corruption in AfricaExhume insecurityExhume terrorismSo that our Stars might glow in the dark