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The Unclothed

Though night is covered with darkness.The day has light.River basin covered with water.Animal wears skin.Birds with feathers.Earth in heaven.Human hearts filled with deception.Conflicts occupied thought.Life is consumed by lust for material.The naked world covers with crisis.Night out day in every day.The end is the end of man.

The Court

The alter of man.Oracle is man.Dog in the manger.Brooded over destinies.Like KANU like IGBOHO.She’s the Alfa and omega. Though she lord over man but not over nature.Man is nature.Nature is law.Law that tells and decides tomorrow.The law of the alter court. But tomorrow will be too late.For the legal fiction of man to decide our … Read moreThe Court

The River Africa

Oh my dear Africa.You are streams of waters.Cycling in the desert.With no place to call your home. Mercy found you through tributaries.You were gathered in the River Nile.Your color became your consciousness.Your language became your culture.And your culture became your character. Oh my dear AfricaYour character has situated you in the Sahara.To eat the carcasses … Read moreThe River Africa

Song Of Hope

When I remembered my childhood.I remember the bicycle wheel that brought us together.I see joy and love 💕 on the bridge of hope.Though, in the wilderness of unknown Purpose was obscured.Opportunity was in awol.Light was darkenedShadow was black And then, I remembered my childhood.When we planted yam head in the backyard close to our pit … Read moreSong Of Hope


They say,We are people of strange language.Strange culture.Strange color. They say we don’t have beginning.But we have story.They say we don’t know the way to go.But we had past that tells how to Walk in the future. Our past is our story.The story of the kings.The story of slave trade.The story of colonialization. Where we … Read moreOUR STORY