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At Fatai's Library, we use words to create and unfold meaning for individual's life.

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Unveiling The Hidden part 2

Nothing is hidden.Though we haven’t seen it yet.But the darkness of the heart hid the light from illuminating.Darkness that covers love.Darkness that covers possibility.Darkness that darkened the reality of thing. it shines on.America got hers.Asia got hers.Oceania saw light.Why is light yet to shine in Africa?The light of development.The light of civilization.The light of true … Read moreUnveiling The Hidden part 2

The Guardian

Who will guide the guardian?This is our question.But we have no answer.We formed the society.It evolves till now that we are now in the end of democracy.But we know not where the road to tomorrow is.If though the guardians are confused then the government after democracy is anarchy.Then we are returning back to the age … Read moreThe Guardian

The Herdsmen

Our Father of many nationsWho rear the greatest breed in the wilderness with stick.He cared for her family.He is the generation of now.That stretches gun like stick to the waters.Whose hand is full of daggers and cutlasses.Now, here are the monster we made.They terrorize our neighborhood in the day light.They kills their own brother in … Read moreThe Herdsmen

What Is Vision?

Vision is not the eye to see but the heart to think.Vision is not a dream but the reality of a dream.Vision is not a work until you engage in work by faith.Vision is not vision until the picture is clear.Thus, vision is the unfolding of the spirit.


Territory is not their problem.Politics is not their issue. Language is their divide.Religion is their blockage. The North produces their need.The South produces their want. The north need south want,While the south want North need. Thus, the economy develop when North exchange the surplus part of their produce to the produce of the south.

Our Nation

Our nation of many children.Our nation of many languages.Our nation of many problems.Our nation of many nations. We got married without our consent.We consented without our knowledge.We knew our problems without thinking of solution.We thought of solution when we were in trouble. Thus, wake up Nigeria.You have been cycling this place for long.Stand up and … Read moreOur Nation